It’s not your thoughts that create your reality.

It’s your relationship to your thoughts that create your reality.

Manifesting Magic

I am committed to empowering as many people as possible to take control of their mental health and to manifest their dream life.

I used to think it had to be one or the other. Mental health practices disregarded the mystical laws of the universe at play. And Manifestation teachers told me to just think “positively” without recognising the impact of mental health.

As someone that was diagnosed as having OCD in adulthood (and having repetitive intrusive thoughts), it was important to me to find a way to honour wherever I was at, whilst still finding a way to live my best life. Because it is our birthright to live a life of joy!

My Services

Client Love

Rachel is truly magical!

I attended an EFT session a couple weeks ago and it was incredible! Her ability to make a comfortable environment and truly listen to you is other worldly! She was able to bring me to a sense of calm and serenity, I am still feeling great even after all these weeks!

Would highly recommend, an amazing experience ❤


The EFT worked wonders with my anxiety.

Rachel is so warm and genuine. You can’t help but love her! I’ve had Reiki and EFT. The Reiki really helped my back and eased a niggling pain. The EFT worked wonders with my anxiety. I really felt so much better by the end of the session.I can really recommend Rachel to anyone suffering from anxiety, stress or low energy and needing a boost.