About Me

Hi, I’m Rachel!

My Journey

As someone that was diagnosed as having OCD in adulthood (and having repetitive intrusive thoughts), it was important to me to find a way to honour wherever I was at, whilst still finding a way to live my best life. Because it is our birthright to live a life of joy!

I initially trained as an actress, but after hitting rock bottom 8 years ago, I started to reflect about what I really wanted to do. And what I was really here for! I completed a life coaching exercise that examined how I solved other people’s problems…

…And the common denominator was that I connected people to books, spiritual practices, teachers and classes to empower them to take ownership of their lives. Or as my friend called it, I was a “Cosmic connector”.

I used to think it had to be one or the other. Mental health practices disregarded the mystical laws of the universe at play. And Manifestation teachers told me to just think “positively” without recognising the impact of mental health.

Reiki and EFT practitioner

I retrained as a Reiki and EFT practitioner (which literally changed my life) and I followed the intuitive nudges to start facilitating workshops in “Manifesting Magic.” These workshops were where I really felt a deep soul connection to my purpose. I finally had found a way to incorporate Manifestation and Mental health.

The workshops are so much more than using the Law of attraction to visualise what you want. They are about getting to the root and clearing anything in the way of what you want.

You can’t build a conservatory without a house. You can’t build a house without solid foundations. Similarly, you can’t act on top of how you really feel! You have to deal with the obstacles in your way and anything that says you can’t be, do or have what you want.

As the great acting teacher, Sanford Meisner, said,

“That which hinders your task is your task.”

So, let’s do the inner work together.

Client Love

Thank you Rachel for your guidance and advice.

After attending Rachel’s first manifesting workshop, I took what I learnt and ran with it. Now I’ve made the steps to starting my dream job and I’m about to open my own creative workshop studio in Leigh. Thank you Rachel for your guidance and advice, manifesting works!


There’s no other time I ever feel this relaxed.

I was totally new to reiki before I met Rachel and I so wish I learnt all about it years ago. Rachel is so professional and she put me at ease instantly. The sense of calm and peace I get even from just one session is beyond amazing! There’s no other time I ever feel this relaxed. Always looking forward to my next session, so thank you Rachel for introducing me to reiki !”